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Twin Cities In Fear Of Crime Rate Increase

Those in Saco, Maine are confused about whether the Twin Cities should connect. At first, the pedestrian bridge was a wonderful idea in order to connect the cities and improve foot traffic into both downtowns. However, Saco residents are concerned with the type of foot traffic that is found during the late night hours. This opens up the area to criminal activity and residents are in fear. The cities are looking into fixing these concerns due to the local economy needing an improvement. It would open up new venues and jobs for both.

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Dialysis Clinic, Inc.BELFASTWed Sep 2, 2015

**Overview:** **To be considered for the position, please (1) upload your resume, (2) complete the application in its entirety, and (3) answer the screening questions.** ** This position is primaril...

Sodexo Operations LLCPORTLANDWed Sep 2, 2015

General Manager Food Services Take your career to the next level. Sodexo has a great opportunity for a General Manager with high volume experience on a college campus with over 3,000 students located ...

Holiday RetirementSCARBOROUGHWed Sep 2, 2015

Prospective Community Manager **Date:** Aug 28, 2015 **Location:** West Scarborough, Maine, United States **Company:** Holiday Retirement ****Must have a partner and both applicants need t...

Holiday RetirementPORTLANDWed Sep 2, 2015

Community Manager **Date:** Aug 31, 2015 **Location:** Portland, Maine, United States **Company:** Holiday Retirement ****Must have a partner and both applicants need to apply separately t...

Harbor Freight ToolsSOUTH PORTLANDWed Sep 2, 2015

STORE MANAGER Position Type: Full Time - Regular Employee External Job Description: Our Store Managers lead teams to maximize the financial output of their stores through the optimization of talent, ...

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